Friday, July 24, 2020

 Tuesday August 11, Wednesday August 12, Thursday August 13:
The Citrus Heights Water District is offering three FREE WaterSmart Webinars at Noon. If you spend any time out in your garden or landscape you cannot afford to miss these unique educational opportunities.

Tuesday August 11th will be all about the WaterSmart Foundation: Healthy Soil, Happy Landscape  Learn from soils expert Steve Zien how you can create a healthy, living soil to nourish your plants yield a bountiful, beautiful, pest- and drought-resistant garden and landscape. Healthy soil is the foundation of every WaterSmart landscape.

A healthy soil has physical, chemical, and biological components that must all be in balance. We will worm our way through your soil to determine its texture and explore the vast underground pore spaces and the phenomenal diversity of life they contain that construct your soil's structure and regulates the ability of your soil to drink and breathe.
You will understand the negative impact synthetic fertilizers have on plant health and the environment, and learn how organic fertilizers feed the living soil for nurturing your plants, while benefiting the ecosystem. Finally, Steve Zien will show you how to use a simple tool so you'll know when and how much to irrigate.

Wednesday August 12th WaterSmart Irrigation: The Soil and Water Relationship will be covered You've learned about healthy soil. The next step for a WaterSmart landscape is to unite efficient irrigation strategies with your soil type. Water moves and acts differently depending on the soil. Learn how to use low-flow drip layouts that will work best for YOUR soil. Soil and water can work together to meet your plants' needs while managing your water use.

Thursday August 13th it is all about WaterSmart Show Stoppers: Meet the Plants Now that you have a great support team (soil and efficient irrigation) working for your landscape, you can choose plants that support your yard's own ecosystems! Plants that require less water and less maintenance to thrive; plants that provide a rich habitat for pollinators and birds; and plants that create beauty. Create a beautiful, beneficial, bountiful, pest-resistant and drought-buster garden with great plants!

Personally, I am particularly excited about worming my way through Tuesdays WaterSmart Foundation: Healthy Soil, Happy Landscape webinar and hope you will join me. I know all three instructors personally and all are highly qualified to lead these short 30-minute educational extravaganzas. This easily could be the best way you spend 90 minutes all summer while sheltering in place.

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Working those days? That’s why we scheduled these webinars at noon, so you could participate while having lunch. Feed your stomach and mind all at the same time. What could be better?