Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Sacramento's Organic Advocate, Steven Zien retired from Living Resources Company and Our Water Our World (OWOW) “Healthy Soil- Happy Landscape” (aka: Stop Treating Your Soil Like Dirt) a 30 minute instructional webinar for your edification and entertainment.

Discover how you can create a healthy, living soil that will nourish your plants, yielding a bountiful, beautiful, pest- and drought-resistant garden and landscape. Healthy soil is the foundation of every landscape and garden

A healthy soil has physical, chemical, and biological components that must all be in balance. Soils sage Steven Zien will assist you in worming your way through your soil to determine its texture. Explore the vast underground pore spaces and the phenomenal diversity of life they contain that build your soil's structure that regulates the ability of your soil to drink and breathe.

You will comprehend the negative impact synthetic fertilizers have on plant and soil health as well as the environment, while learning how organic fertilizers feed the living soil that nurtures your plants, while benefiting the ecosystem. Finally, realize how to use a simple tool so you will know when and how much to irrigate

This short and informative webinar can be found on the Citrus Heights Water District website. Just scroll down to “Workshop #3: WaterSmart Foundation: Healthy Soil, Happy Landscape or view on youtube

Watch and learn about a few of the many mysteries that are taking place underneath your feet.